megan alison mccrink

Gen Z Rising

logo and video thumbnail design, design editing, art direction, production

This package was a collaboration between POLITICO and Morning Consult.

I worked with a developer and project manager on the digital team to build, art direct and design the package. 

You can read the package here

Logo Design

Since this package was different from other POLITICO projects, I wanted to make sure the logo stood out on the site. We wanted to introduce our audience, who are usually professionals in politics, to Generation Z. 

Some Gen Z logo options, on a mock homepage.

I did this with color and thought the cyan and yellow would capture the electricity and vibrancy that Gen Z brings into politics.

Since the package also encompassed the idea of Gen Z “rising” to the political scene, I added in a gradient to give a nod to a sunrise. 

The logo on the homepage and attached to a story 

For the final logo, I made a second version with the name of the package included. With the text, readers could easily identify that this story tied back to the overall package and its homepage.

Color Palette 

the color palette for the series

After completing the logo design, I worked on the color palette. The color palette is carried throughout the package and can be seen through the illustrations, video thumbnails and graphics. I riffed off CMYK and utilized Adobe Color to achieve this palette.

illustrations and graphics with the color palette 

Color is the best tool for visual unity. For graphics from the POLITICO/Morning Consult polls, we used Datawrapper, where we don’t have as much control over style. Color helped tie the graphics back to the illustrations and other elements in the package well.  

art direction

I worked on the art direction for two stories in this package: the lead story that introduced readers to Gen Z and then a story about Gen Z and misinformation.

The lead story needed to set the tone of the overall package. I wanted it to convey that Gen Z is very politically active and online. I worked with artist Bijou Karman to capture this with an illustration of a series of open desktop screens that gave readers a peek into the life of a Gen Z’er.

illustration by Bijou Karman

I also worked with her to strike a balance politically, since the package covered Gen Z’s roles in both parties. 

The final illustration is vibrant and shows how Gen Z is setting itself apart from the pack in politics. 

All stories in the package drew upon the results of the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll. This story focused on how Gen Z gets their information and the pitfalls that
come with it.

One overarching aspect of the story I wanted to capture in illustration is that they receive a high amount of information while scrolling. This stream of information makes it hard for them to parse what’s factual and what’s misinformation. 

I love illustrator Tara Jacoby’s vibrant concepts and worked with her on this illustration. 

illustrations by Tara Jacoby 

bad actors



Gen Z

I love that Tara captured the rush of information flying at Gen Z as if it’s a storm they’re trying to weather. 

I also worked with Tara on symbols that were incorporated into the video that accompanied the story, further creating a more integrated package. 

design editing 

For the homepage, I worked with a developer, who also drove the concept of it, to edit and tighten the design. The design references Tik Tok’s desktop homepage. We made sure to tweak it to stay true to Politico’s style through font choice and package color palette.

I worked with the developer to elevate the page with even more custom touches, like highlights underneath each story name to call attention to the topic and light movement of the art on hover.

We also broke out of the usual horizontal video treatment on POLITICO’s site. Kamran coded a vertical video treatment we could use for the homepage to further nod to Tik Tok’s vertical video format. I designed the thumbnails for the videos.