Digital design

Though I started out in print design, I've started to work in digital through coding, story layout design and social media.


Politico 50

I made 50 social cards like these for Politico's annual Politico 50 list, which
highlights 50 changemakers in politics.


2018 Midterm Elections

I worked with the social media team to create social cards that would stand out
on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the 2018 midterm election.


Pride in their daughters

Soccer moms and dads in Jordan, like those of the under-17 womens National
team led the path to Jordan hosting the first womens world cup in the Middle
East in 2016. I used a base template and customized with HTML and CSS.


My website

Surprise! I also coded my own portfolio website, which is a constant work
in progress. Besides HTML and CSS, I've also used Javascript plugins to give it
a bit of extra pizazz.


Hmong Markets

Two Hmong Markets in St. Paul offer the
best of Southeast Asian cuisine in the Twin
Cities. Writer Amelia Rayno visited
both and listed the best dishes at each one
for the Star Tribune's Thursday Taste section.

gop gif

Why the GOP gave up on porn

I made this .gif from an illustration by Alvaro Dominguez for
Politico's Twitter and website.

jeopardy gif

A lot of Jeopardy contestants are from Minnesota

Used to promote the Star Tribune's features section display story.


Animal Magnetism

Debi Pool owns Animal Talent Pool, the only
all-animal talent agency in Minnesota. From
puppies to honeybees, she represents them all.